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Jul 31, 2019

We lost our minds watching 1994's It's Pat and this recording was done in our padded cell. 

Jul 30, 2019

This month we are joined by comedian Melissa Rocha (@melisshious) for a very special public episode of our erotic thriller podcast IN THE SM(U)T. Our movie this month is 1993's Body of Evidence, a dreary thriller that tries too hard to be sexy and wastes the very well-endowed Willem Dafoe in one of his worst roles....

Jul 27, 2019

This week we had hilarious comedian SallyAnn Hall on to tackle the gigantic mess that is 2009's The Ugly Truth.

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Jul 18, 2019

1992's Love Potion No. 9 is a bad movie that was built to be loved. It introduced the world to Sandra Bullock's charms. It also asked us to tolerate Tate Donovan, and we begrudgingly obliged.

Jul 10, 2019

Who in their right mind wouldn't marry Christina Ricci?