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Sep 25, 2017

This episode is bittersweet. The Marlon Wayans vehicle Naked is a bad film, sure. But it's a bad film that could have easily been good with a few rewrites and... SOMEONE INVOLVED REALIZING THEY WERE APPROACHING A TRAINWRECK AND TURNING THE CAR AROUND AT THE TRACKS.

But instead, they decided to drive right into the...

Sep 18, 2017

This week we watched 2014's Coffee Shop. It's a Christian film about a plucky coffee shop owner who is trying to save her business and choose between two very different men... wait, don't go! The film is totally bland but we're fun! You definitely don't need to see it, but you need to hear us because we're great!

Sep 11, 2017

This week we watched a horror romcom from the director of Gremlins and some screenwriter we've never heard of who definitely hates women. It's one of the worst love triangles ever put to film: a cowardly guy, an impossibly cool goth chick and... a zombie.

Burying the Ex is on Netflix. Don't watch it.

Sep 4, 2017

This time around we yell about 1998's Hope Floats, directed by Academy-Award winning actor FOREST WHITAKER and starring Sandra Bullock as a sad shell of a woman who is recovering from a failed marriage and dealing with an ungrateful jerk daughter (Mae Whitman). 

This film. Was made. To torture us.